Decking Material

Decking Material

Coastal Decks & Docks has several options for non-wood filled decking products each one with its own way of achieving an almost maintenance free performance.



Lumberock Premium Decking – High Density Poly-Ethylene plastic or HDPE recycled decking. 9 colors, limited lifetime warranty, rot and mold resistant decking and dimensional plastic lumber extruded and embossed for beauty. Click here to take a tour of the plant and see how Lumberock Premium Decking is changing opinions about decking.

SelectForce Plastic Decking – Another High Density Poly-Ethylene or HDPE recycled decking material available in multiple colors and size options with decking available in up to 2×12 boards.

FiberForce structural Plastic – Reinforced High Density Poly-Ethylene or HDPE designed to support loads, multi sizes for the longest lasting structural material available. Very popular with Army Corp of Engineers as well as the Navy for marine applications of varies sizes and scopes.

BarForce fiberglass rod reinforced plastic – High Density Poly-Ethylene or HDPE for engineered loads this product comes in various sizes as well as pilings for long life and performance, very strong and very versatile.

Azek Deck – With one of the most respected names in decking and trim Azek Deck is made from Polyvinylchloride or PVC to achieve a long lasting life with beautiful colors available Azek is versatile as well as almost maintenance free. Rot and mold resistant Azek has a limited lifetime warranty and a full line of dimensional sizes available.